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PUBG Report APK Latest Free Download

INTRODUCTION Nowadays Battle Ground Games are in trend and most people are playing Battle Ground…


Nowadays Battle Ground Games are in trend and most people are playing Battle Ground Games. PUBG is the most-played game in the world. PUBG was released on march 23/2017, PUBG took a few years to cover most parts of the world with its extreme gameplay and high-resolution graphics, and music quality. Now PUBG has more than 500 million+ downloads on the play store.

So many people have made themselves a celebrity with PUBG by uploading videos of matches they have played. So many people have youtube channels where they create content about PUBG and make money from youtube. But this is not that much easy because those people are very experts at playing PUBG. But if you read this article carefully then you will also be able to create content and make money from youtube. PUBG Report APK is here to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

Today we are here with the latest and new version tool known as PUBG Report APK. This Apk will help you to report cheaters in just seconds you just have to download it and apply it to your pubg account. PUBG Apk will help you to see how many people are playing the game at a certain time. It also tells you about the age, gender, and location where they are located. It will ease your gameplay by giving you locations of enemies.

PUBG Report Apk


  • Track the location of the player.
  • You can easily track the reported players who have been reported.
  • You can easily report those players who are using emulators instead of mobile devices.
  • you can prevent players from joining another server.
  • Free to download.
  • No Ads.
  • Fast.
  • Zero errors and bugs.


  • You can see how many kills other players have so far.
  • You can see how many rounds other players have won.
  • Display the name of players.
  • Also, display the other important information of opposite players.


  • It takes 20 to 30 minutes while updating the whole data.
  • Your PUBG account may be got banned while using this apk.

In PUBG you face so many players some of them are so good at their gameplay and some are cheaters means they are using hacks so we have the best option called to report. We can report them to get rid of the annoying players from our friend list or from the lobby. We can report them for many reasons like cheating, racism, harassment, and insulting you or your player.

PUBG Report Apk


To download PUBG Report APK you have to follow the given steps.

  • first, click on the download button from our site and wait for a few seconds after the download is finished. Go to your device’s storage where you will find the APK, click on the install button and give permission to allow unknown sources. After the installation process, you will find the APK file on your home screen, that’s all you have to do.


It is an android application Report Developed By Plafhop. Pubg Report APK is released on 2020/09/22. According to Google Play PUBG Report Reaches Over 50 Thousand, with more than 260+ ratings. PUBG Report connects your current player battle matches from streamers on Twitch. Watch streamers’ reactions to you killing them, see their glee over them killing you, or instantly jump to all the PUBG action in a Twitch stream. This is the best application for pubg players who want to get rid of cheaters.


PUBG Report can be downloaded from our site for free of cost. This app will track your progress in the game and the location of your enemy. Now you can easily track the cheaters and report them. You can easily get rid of annoying players. So download PUBG Report APK by clicking the download button. If you are interested in injectors and games then you can visit