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Istana777 Latest free download version v1.0 for Andriod

About Istana777 Money is everything in this world without money you are nothing, one who…

About Istana777

Money is everything in this world without money you are nothing, one who has money has value in society and the other who doesn’t have money is nothing. So the purpose of living in the world is to earn money and live your life according to your way of living. But there are lots of people who don’t have money, if you are also like them then don’t worry because Istana777 is here to solve your problem.

There are lots of online platforms which offer you to earn money by investing money in them. If you want to earn more money you have to invest more money and time but this is an easy and simple way of earning money. You can invest a little bit of money and time to earn more.

This application offers you to play different games and earn money from them. But before playing games you have to invest a little bit so you will get double your money. This is more advanced and easier to use, it has many new features which help you to earn more money.

Istana Apk is an online casino app that offers you to play different and unique games to get paid. Wslot888 is also an online casino app that offers you to earn money by playing games but this apk is more advanced and unique.

This online casino app will provide you with free prices and coins. Which can be used to unlock premium features, and these premium features will help you to win games. There are different players playing from different countries, you have to bet with them once you start the game the bet price will be pending, if you want to win the bet price then you have to finish the match and win the match. You can withdraw your money easily through the given method. You can withdraw money to your account. There are more than 15 games which you can play and win money.


Features of Istana777

Istana77 has many features few of which are given below;

  • Easy to use.
  • Safe and legal.
  • User friendly.
  • Bugs and error-free.
  • Small in size.
  • Auto update.
  • More than 15 games.
  • An easy method of withdrawing cash.
  • Low investment.
  • Less time consumed.
  • And many more.

Strong features

Easy to use: this application is very easy and simple to use.

Safe and legal: Istana777 is safe and legal to use. No need for tension.

User-friendly: everyone can easily understand and use it because it is user-friendly.

Auto update: this online platform has auto updates means it will update automatically when its update comes.

More t 15 games:  you can select your favorite game and play your favorite game to win more money.

Withdraw money: you can withdraw money to your bank account.

Low investment: you have to invest a little bit and earn high money.



  • How much do we have to invest?

You can invest the money as much as you want, if you invest more money you can earn more money.

  • It is safe and legal to use?

Yes, it is totally safe and legal to use.

  • Can we download it from the play store?

No, it is a third-party application that can not be found on playstore you can download it from for free.

How to download Istana777

It is very simple to download and install. You just have to follow the given steps;

First of all, click on the download button given in the article then wait until the download is finished. After the download is finished go to the file manager, where you will find the APK file, click on the APK file and give permission to allow unknown sources. After giving permission, the APK file will install on your mobile phone.


Istana777 is totally safe and free to use, so don’t wait just go and get your online earning platform for free and start earning now. If you wish to download more applications, visit for more.